How to Help Customers Choose the Best Scooter for Them

Recommending a scooter to customers can be fraught with problems, if you don’t ask them what they want to use it for.

And as you’re aware, giving the right advice to your customers is the key to your customers trusting you and recommending you to their friends.

Obviously those customers who use it to pop to the shops once a day will be different to customers who want to go on a trail with it. And just as obviously that means they need different components in their scooter to help them.

A portable ebike is great to go to a coffee shop near home.
A portable ebike is great to go to a coffee shop near home.

Review Customer’s Needs

First ask them the types of journeys they make and over what terrain. Ask them how far they are likely to travel on a journey before going home (then add 20% to their estimated figure).

Ask them what sort of speeds they’d be happy with. If possible allow them to experience the different speeds of scooters, so they have an informed opinion.

Then ask them about where they live/work and where they would expect to charge the scooter? Would they be able to charge the scooter on the ground floor? Or would they need to charge it upstairs?

What about their weight? The heavier they are the more the demand on the scooter frame and motor.

Types of Customer Journeys

Ebikes are great for delivering small cargos and fast food.
Ebikes are great for delivering small cargos and fast food.

Electric scooters are being used for very many different purposes. In fact some people have more than one to enable them to use scooters for different purposes.

The different types of journeys include:

  • Trips to the shops
  • Visiting neighbors (who live close by)
  • Visiting friends (who live further away)
  • Going to the park
  • Travelling a trail
  • Working and delivering newspapers, milk, food, water and other products and services

Electric Scooter Recommendations

Having reviewed the customer’s needs with them you can help them choose the electric scooter that best suits their needs.

Electric Scooter Range

Now you have an idea of the riding distance they want, take into account their weight and recommend the appropriate battery capacity and 36volt or 48volt motor.

In combination the motor and battery will ensure their electric scooter has the range they want.

Electric Scooter Speed

Safety comes first with these types of product, so you just need to be aware of their lifestyle and habits and whether they enjoyed and could control the speed of the scooters they tested.

Depending on your assessment recommend either low speed, medium speed or a high speed scooter to your customer.

The Electric Scooter Charging Environment

Having talked to the customer about their use of the scooter and the locations where they will charge it, you can recommend whether the customer needs a portable battery pack. Generally they will need a portable pack if they live upstairs in an apartment and would be unable to take the scooter upstairs to charge.

Electric Scooter Strengthening

It’s important that the scooter has the strength to carry the customer and to travel over the proposed terrain.

So, if it merits it, you need to discuss having a strengthened frame and/or strengthening and/or widening the seat.

And of course, remember it’s important that the customer is safe on their electric scooter!

Remind Your Customers about Their Scooters

Make sure your customers are aware of the speeds they can go. Tell them the laws and regulations that apply in your country to electric scooters so they’re not breaking the law on their first trip.

Explain the power and torque of their electric motor and what it means for them when they’re using their scooter.

Also explain the strengthening of the frame, if applicable.

The Benefits of an Electric Scooter

Carbon fiber electric scooter
Carbon fiber electric scooter

For the elderly there is seated comfort and protection from vehicles around them. They also have protection from the scooter rolling away on its own.

For younger people, and the young at heart, show them the stylish appearance of the electric scooter, the top speeds that are available and the additional functions such as lights, speakers, alarm and audio.

As car dealers know from many years of experience letting customers “have a go” in a vehicle helps them see themselves as if they’re bought it. So whenever possible allow your customers to try out the scooters for themselves. They’ll then find the things they like about the scooter they want. It might be styling, it could be torque, it may just be that they like the particular transfers.

One More Suggestion

When you sell an electric scooter to a customer take a photo of them on it with a big cheesy grin, preferably with you stood next to them, or shaking their hand, or even riding with them. That way you can begin to build a “book” of social proof to show other potential customers the happy, smiling photos of people who have bought your electric scooters.

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ebikes

It’s always painful when I hear people talk about riding an electric bike being considered as cheating. It pricks my heart but I often console myself after knowing full well that these people obviously did not understand how ebikes work, thus the reason for their misconception.

Ebike is a good way for exercise.
Ebike is a good way for exercise.

Riding an electric bike is never a cheat and it is neither bikes specially made for the lazy or the old seniors. However, understanding the principles behind these bikes will surely open you up to the fact that it doesn’t only make biking easier; it also holds tons of health benefits embedded in it.

Exercise is important

To ensure the body stays healthy, a daily dose of exercise is essential. Whether you decide to achieve this by going to the gym, taking up some sports, or taking an early-morning run doesn’t matter, you just have to make sure you keep the blood flowing to live healthy.

However, even as important as exercise is to our health, it’s unfortunate that stats keep rising about people unable to achieve this on daily basis because of the kind of busy society we have today which is not encouraging that. But instead of trying to fit exercise into the regular daily jam-packed schedule, what of looking into an alternative way of integrating enough aerobic exercise into your daily routine?

Riding a bike is a very good alternative to consider as it is not only able to help your body get some necessary exercise daily, it also offers some other perks like helping you cut cost on buying fuel and helping to protect the environment from different emissions.

The good part of ebikes

Electric bikes are designed in such a way that it offers assistance to the rider; the rider simply pedals while the motor assists. ebikes don’t completely eliminate inputs from the rider, but instead, it optimizes the riders input and thus makes riding much easier and fun. Most modern ebikes also comes with the ability to select the amount of assistance the bike gives. Understanding these facts, will allow make the benefits much clearer.

Health benefits of electronic bikes

  1. It’s a great way to achieve ‘moderate’ exercise
    Ebike is a modern way of exercise.
    Ebike is a modern way of exercise.

According to NHS guidelines, adults are expected to have at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise in a week. That’s around 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise weekly. One of the best ways to achieve this recommended weekly exercise is using an electric bike. Someone who rides an electric bike to and from work daily will surely be meeting this recommendation compared to one who drives to work and then have a 30 minutes brisk work on the two days of the weekend.

  1. It could help reduce the risk of health problems

No doubt cycling has been proven to reduce the risk of various health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, as well as depression. According to various researches, being physically active is a good way to prevent heart disease and stroke, which are considered to be the leading killers we have today. Physical inactivity is also a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes. It is obviously possible to reverse this sudden decline in physical activity by riding an ebike either to school, work, shop, or to visit friends.

  1. It is perfect for weight loss

Riding on ebikes is able to help you lose weight by helping you burn up to 500 calories per hour. That is no doubt a whole lot of calories at the end of the week. It is good for overweight or obese people because it’s easy to get the required cardiovascular exercise without putting stress on the musculoskeletal system as the majority of the body weight is supported by the saddle when ridding. Therefore, riding on an electronic bike is a good way to lose weight and stay fit.

  1. It boosts immunity

Do you know that regular cycling is able to boost your body’s defenses even up to 50 percent? I bet you don’t know that as you get on your bike, you are not just cycling; you are also riding away from germs. Electronic bikes make this easier to achieve because the bike makes you want to ride compared to the old bikes.

  1. Help build and maintain bones and joint

Physical activity helps preserve independent function for a longer period by promoting healthy bones, muscles and joints. Physical activity such as riding an electronic bike has the tendency of reducing the risk of various joint conditions like Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and even chronic lower back pain.

The muscles, tendons and ligaments around the knee structure are found to become weak after an injury which could lead to the joint becoming unstable. Cycling can be used as a rehabilitation exercise to strengthen the muscles and joint structures surrounding the knee. This increases flexibility and motion in the knee region.

  1. Helpful for older people
Ebike is great for eldly.
Ebike is great for the eldly.

Riding out on an electronic bike allows you go at your own pace. This is particularly helpful for the seniors who just want to ride out for a fresh air without getting tired at the end. The bikes offer optimum assistance to help them get the most out of riding without putting any pressure on their knees.

On a final note

Electronic bikes appear to be a positive change that can effectively et your overall health improved as well as help you save a whole deal on fuel and car costs. Ebikes or electric scooters are all enjoyable, fun, social, and offer so much convenience, especially the foldable ebikes that has the feature of being folded into compact sizes and taken inside. You can’t afford to miss out of these tons of benefits, so start ridding today!

What To Do With Scratched Segways

Segway with scratched handle
Segway with scratched handle
Scratches on Segway fender
Scratches on Segway fender

Customers love their Segways and sometimes in their enthusiasm to get around their cherished scooter bumps into an immobile object that severely scratches or dents it.

Obviously,  there’s much wailing and gnashing of teeth when they realize what they’ve done.

And when they understand it’s going to cost quite a bit to re-paint, or replace bits they will be sadder but wiser.


Luckily we provide a rather lovely service that other suppliers can’t.

And that means when you sell your customer their Segway you can offer them the same service, which will differentiate you nicely from the other dealers selling Segways.

If a Segway is scratched, as shown in the photos, we can repaint them for free, or send you new fenders or handles.


By offering parts in our distributor deal part replacement just becomes that much easier and enhances your sales and after sales service too!

A win-win for you and your customers!

How Bike Distributors Can Avoid Poorly Manufactured e-Scooters – Part II

This is the second article about the issues that can arise when buying e-scooters from China.

The issues we addressed in the previous post were cable disconnections, weak tire stands, and bad tire choice. The issues we’ll cover in this post are as follows:

  • Poor quality chargers
  • Lower power motors
  • Sharp handle bars
  • Batteries

Looking at these 3 issues in more detail, again you will see how they affect your customers and your profits!

Poor Quality Chargers

It can be tempting to cut costs by using non-genuine chargers.

Not all chargers do the same job
Not all chargers do the same job

Unfortunately, non-standard chargers and cables are not built to the same standards as their official branded counterparts.

If your battery is overcharged by a faulty charger, it can destroy the scooter or, even worse, cause a fire.

In fact, to lower the production costs some suppliers could well be using super cheap chargers. And these sorts of chargers ignore safety standards.

Chargers have hundreds of volts going through them internally which means you’re at risk of a massive shock if the charger doesn’t have proper insulation.

The bottom line is you’re putting the vehicle you’ve sold, and more importantly your customers, at risk if you use one of these chargers.

Lower Power Motors

It always comes down to costs, doesn’t it?

Different sized motors give different pulling power
Different sized motors give different pulling power

The bigger the motor the more powerful it is. And the bigger it is the more it costs.


So suppliers can be tempted to put in a small motor to drive the vehicle.



The issue here is that if a smaller motor is used in the vehicles you sell they may be unable to negotiate some of the slopes that your customers will want to go up. Again customers will rightly complain!

We always ensure the motors are the right rating for the vehicle’s probable usage.

Sharp Handle Bars

Whilst it may not seem particularly important if there is metal poking from out of the grip there is a danger that someone could easily catch themselves on it and get cut.

Left picture: shows unprotected grip, right: shows protected
Left picture: unprotected grip, right: protected

We believe this is lack of care from the manufacturer. However, it’s likely to rebound on you as a distributor unless you ensure the handlebars are correctly covered before you sell them.


Obviously, the battery is what keeps the vehicle moving. So it’s a vital component to get right.

Using a good battery ensures a longer distance can be achieved by a single charge and at the same time gives the battery a longer life.

Badly made battery
Badly made battery

However, some scooters just don’t last the distance. And the reason is either they have a smaller battery, or even that some parts of the battery are made out of concrete!



So there we have it, a few issues to look out for when choosing your scooters.

Because we are based in China we are able to individually audit the manufacturers we use when we provide our distributors with scooters.

And if we find one of the manufacturers starts to get lax over quality we simply switch to another audited manufacturer.

How Bike Distributors Can Avoid Poorly Manufactured e-Scooters – Part I

Scooters are a brilliant way to get around. To save cost you can now buy them from China. However, you need to be really aware of the potential issues you may come across.

The sorts of issues that arise are as follows:

  • Cable disconnection
  • Weak kick stand
  • Bad tire choice
  • Poor quality charger
  • Lower power motor
  • Sharp handle bars
  • Batteries

So for this post, I’m going to look at the first 3 issues, then in a later post, I’ll address the remaining issues.

If you look at these 3 issues in more detail you can see the problems they cause to you and your customers.

Segway Cable Disconnection

If your Segway is badly put together there’s a risk that the cables will come apart due to just normal ride vibration.

So, to ensure the risk of disconnection is drastically reduced we only use manufacturers who also glue their Segway’s cable to its connection point.

That means there’s no warranty come back over a simple but annoying issue.

Weak Kickstand

A weak kick stand means that it will be unable to prevent the scooter from moving. And that’s dangerous for other traffic and the customer.

What’s worse for distributors you can bet that if, or even when, it breaks you’ll be getting that dreaded warranty claim.

Weak kickstand on Segway
Weak Kickstand
Strong kickstand on a Segway
Strong Kickstand

So you need to ensure your kick stand is robust and able to stand up to some punishment. After all these scooters are also ridden on tracks.

So the first picture shows a weak kickstand and the second picture shows a much more substantial kick stand.

Obviously, when we choose our scooters from the manufacturers we insist on having a strong kickstand, so reducing warranty claims and customer dissatisfaction

Bad Tire Choice

Scooter tire choice really depends on what you believe customers will be using it for. If all they want to do is maybe visit the mall on it and never venture off-road and onto a track, a normal tire would work well for them.

Normal tire for a Segway
“normal” tire


However, as soon as you’re talking about going off road at all the normal tire is going to be inadequate.

So if you believe the majority of your customers would possibly ride along a track or two it’s better to get the more appropriate tire. The Kenda is a tire that can deal with the normal road surfaces and off-road too.


So we always ensure that we specify the Kenda tire.

Kenda Tire with a much more substantial tread pattern
Kenda Tire

This photo shows the Kenda tire. As you can see the tread pattern is going to be able to grip much more firmly to all surfaces when you compare it to the normal sort of scooter tire.

Another bonus of the Kenda tire is that the ride is much quieter than the normal tire when riding on a paved surface.




So we’ve talked about some of the issues that may not occur to you when you’re buying a full, or partial, container of e-scooters.

We will talk about some of the other issues that can also arise in a later post.

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